How to print

You can now print from any computer or mobile device using email and pick it up at Seymour Library!

Seymour Library now uses Xerox, making printing and pick up easy and mobile. Send your document or image as an attachment to Print@PrintByXerox and pick it up at the library using @PrintByXerox. @PrintByXerox is free serivce that enable you to print from any email-enabled device (smartphones and tablets included!) to any Xerox printer using a simple email address.

Ready to print? Follow these simple instructions

Step 1: Send an email with an attachment to

If you’re using the service for the first time, you will receive an email with a username and password. You can choose a new password at this time. Don’t lose this information, you will need it to pick up your print/s!

sample of username and password email

You will receive a confirmation email when your print job has been successfully submitted.

sample of success email for print
Step 2: Go to the library’s printer and select @PrintByXerox

Once you receive your confirmation email, visit the library and go to the public printer. On the printer’s control screen, select: @PrintByXerox.

PrintByXerox icon
Step 3: Enter your username/email address and select OK
Sample log in screen
Step 4: Enter your password and select OK
Step 5: Choose your documents

If you’ve submitted more than one document to print, you can choose which one (or all) to print.

sample document to print screen

You can also check and change your print settings

sample print settings
Step 6: Select Print