Credit Card Policy

Credit Card Policy

To provide a more efficient means of making routine purchases and payment by reducing paperwork and streamlining the purchasing cycle, the Library Director may authorize the issuance of Library credit cards to employees to be used for appropriate Library business use only.

The Library Director shall establish and maintain procedures and forms for implementing and monitoring the credit card purchasing program.  Only credit cards that have no annual or monthly fees will be used. Bank credit cards will be established in the name of the Seymour Public Library District and the specific name of an individual with a maximum credit limit for each set by the library director and approved by the Board of Trustees.  All monthly bank statements and correspondence will be sent to the Library District. There is no cash access feature on the credit card.

Bank credit cards will be issued to:

  • Library Director with a credit limit of $4,000
  • Youth Services Librarian with a credit limit of $500
  • Adult Services Librarian with a credit limit of $500
  • Training & Technology Librarian with a credit limit of $500
  • Community Services Coordinator with a credit limit of $500

Store cards will be available for specific purchases, such as building or office supplies.

Before being issued a library credit card, employees must sign the Seymour Public Library Credit Card Acknowledgement form stating that they understand and will comply with the library’s credit card policy. 

Credit cards are the property of the library and must be returned to the director upon termination of employment with the library. The bookkeeper will notify the issuing bank to cancel the credit card.  

Final responsibility for judicious use of a Library credit card rests with the individual to whom the card is entrusted. Any violation of this policy will be investigated and could result in termination and/or criminal prosecution.

Authorized Purchases

Credit cards may be used for:

  • Travel expenses to conferences and/or workshops
  • Registration for workshops
  • Materials/Supplies (including book purchases)
  • Services & Charges (including recurring charges such as domain name fees)

Prohibited Purchases

Use of the library’s credit card for personal purchases is expressly prohibited.

Sales Tax Exemption

The library does not pay sales tax on purchases, and it is the responsibility of the employee to obtain a tax-exempt certificate prior to any credit card purchase. The library director will review credit card purchases to ensure their proper use.

Procedures governing credit card use

  1. Expenditures must be within the guidelines of the particular activity of the approved budget. 
  2. Purchases may not exceed your credit limit.  There are no exceptions.
  3. Purchases must be approved by the library director prior to credit card use.  Submit a completed credit card purchase approval form to the library director prior to purchase. 
  4. The director will return approval form to employee.
  5. Employees using credit cards must attach the credit card receipt to a credit card purchase approval form as soon as possible after a purchase is made and present it to the bookkeeper. Proper documentation to support the expenditure must be provided to the bookkeeper prior to the receipt of the monthly statement.
  6. Proper documentation includes:
    1. Original itemized paid receipt indicating the amount paid to the vendor, and the itemized description of the purchase.
    2. A copy of the order form, packing slip, or other receiving document.
    3. A hardcopy print-out of the items ordered on-line.
  7. Examples of documentation not allowed:
    1. Non-itemized cash register receipts.
    2. Handwritten requests for reimbursement without receipts or other verification.
  8. Receipts are reconciled to the monthly credit card bill.


The balance due on the credit card will be paid in full each month by or before the payment due date. Timely payment requires staff incurring the charges to properly complete transactional paperwork related to the Library District’s accounting functions.

Payments should not be made on the basis of a statement or a credit card slip only. Procedures for payments should be no different than for any other claim. Supporting documentation such as paid bills and itemized receipts must be provided by the card user. Any interest or penalty incurred due to late filing or furnishing of documentation by an employee will be the responsibility of that employee.


Any benefits derived from the use of the credit card are the property of the library.


Library credit cards must be safeguarded to prevent loss, theft of public funds or unauthorized use. The Library will use disciplinary measures consistent with current law for unauthorized use.

If the card is lost or stolen, the employee must notify the card issuer immediately and report loss/theft to the library director. 

Seymour Public Library District

Credit Card Policy Employee Acknowledgement

I hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Seymour Public Library’s Credit Card Policy. I have read this policy and clarified any questions regarding its provisions. I understand that as the cardholder I am responsible for all charges incurred on the credit card. I agree to comply with all the requirements contained therein and understand that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if I am found in violation of the policy and that the library will require restitution if the credit card is used improperly.


Signed:     ___________________________                    Date:    __________________                                                       

Director Approval:

Signed:      ___________________________       Date:   ___________________

                                                   Credit Card Purchase Approval

Name: ____________________________________     Date: _________________________

Anticipated Expenditures:

  1. ____________________________________             Est. Amount ___________________
  2. ____________________________________             Est. Amount ___________________
  3. ____________________________________             Est. Amount ___________________
  4. ____________________________________             Est. Amount ___________________

                                                                                                Total Expenditure _______________

Description of item/website/store:

Is this purchase part of a grant? If yes, please list:

This portion to be completed by Library Director/Assistant Director

Account # _________________________________________________

Class/memo: ______________________________________________


Approved: ________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________


After purchase, attach receipts to this form and submit to bookkeeper.

Approved 7/26/2016

Revised 8/30/2016