The Finger Lakes Library System (FLLS) has added magazines to its OverDrive collection on Libby! Use your Seymour Library Card to access over 5000 magazine titles. With unlimited copies, there are no holds or waiting for new content. 

On Libby, you can borrow as many magazines as you like without affecting your 5 ebook/audiobook limit. 

If you don’t have Libby you can access the collection on OverDrive.

What magazines are offered?

  • Popular titles – Us Weekly, The New Yorker, The Week, Woman’s World, and many more titles!
  • Plus, special interest titles, including PC World, Bon Appetit, Minecraft World, Women’s Fitness, and more.
  • Titles in a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, French, and more.
  • 3 years of back issues, wherever available. 

How do I discover and enjoy magazines on Libby? Here are some helpful tips and features!

  • One tap to read: When you discover a magazine in the collection, you can open it and start reading with one tap.
  • Streamlined access: Magazines have a special section of the Shelf, called the Magazine Rack. This will help you find your favorite magazines in the FLLS in one convenient place.
  • Easier subscriptions: You can subscribe to magazines from the FLLS using the Subscribe option. When a new issue is released, it will automatically be added to your Magazine Rack!

Other Fun Features in the Libby app

  • When you’re done reading a magazine, you can press Back to exit the reader. When you do, you’ll see options to keep the issue and subscribe.
  • If you select Keep For 7 Days, that issue of the magazine will stay on the Magazine Rack on your Shelf for one week. This makes it easy to keep track of specific issues you’re reading and come back to them later.
  • When you Subscribe to a magazine, the latest issue of the magazine is added to the Magazine Rack on your shelf, and you’ll be notified when a new issue of that magazine is released.
  • When you tap Subscribe, you’ll be prompted to select or create a Notify Me smart tag. To keep things organized, you may want to have a dedicated Notify Me smart tag for your magazine subscriptions. This makes it easy to find a magazine subscription if you ever wish to unsubscribe. This method also allows you to have discreet notification settings for magazines and new books.