Blind Date with a Book

Make a Book Your Valentine!

Blind Date with a Book at Seymour Library

Take a chance in February with Blind Date with a Book! If you don’t like it, move on. But you may find a new true love! 

Here’s how it works! 

Books are lovingly wrapped, so you can’t judge them by their covers! However, you can decide if you want this blind date based on their opening line! 

Each book has a card (aka dating profile) that indicates the Genre (aka category ex: Romance, Historical Fiction, Crime, etc.) and its first line! 

Once you find a date that intrigues you take it to the circulation desk! We’ll check your date out for you then you are free to take your newfound match home with you. When you unwrap your selection, you’ll find a Rate Your Date card inside. Fill the card out when your book is finished, and let us know if it was love at first read or if there was no chemistry! Bring the card back when you return your book to be entered into a drawing at the end of the month.  

Our in-library display will begin the first week of February. You can take out as many Blind Dates as you want!