Seymour Public Library District Budget Referendum and Trustee Election Results

Board of Trustees

Seymour Public Library District is governed by a board of trustees. The trustees serve for four years and are elected by District voters. Each portion of the district (the City of Auburn and the towns of Owasco, Fleming, and Sennett) have two representatives. The trustees are:

Larry Liberatore, Owasco, President
Russ Harkins, Sennett, Secretary, and Interim Finance Officer
Debra Daloia, Sennett
Clyde Howard, Auburn
Lynda DeOrio, Auburn
Cynthia Baney, Fleming
Susanne Bench, Fleming
Meg Vanek, Owasco
Nancy Karpinski, Seymour Public Library Foundation representative
Lisa Carr, ex-officio, Seymour Library director


Meetings: The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. See the library calendar for specific dates.

Dates and times for all board meetings and committee meetings are listed in the monthly calendar on the website, sent to The Citizen newspaper, and posted at the library.

*Members of the public are welcome, for meeting information email:*

Watch recordings of past board of trustees meetings held via Zoom

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Meg Vanek - Owasco Representative

It's a way to stay connected to my community.

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Board committees of Seymour Public Library District

Seymour Public Library District Management Team 

Lisa Carr, Library Director
Mary Lovell, Director, Reader & Information Services
Drew Urbanek, Director, Library Experiences
Maureen McEvers, Director, Communications and Marketing
Jaclyn Kolb, Community Services Coordinator
Dori Gottschalk-Fielding, Director of Development