Get published

If you love to write and want to share what you’ve written with others, you can use these resources to become published.

Launch Pad

Publishes the works of young authors and illustrators between the ages of 6 and 14. Welcomes submissions of unpublished stories, poems, and book reviews, as well as applications from potential illustrators. Note: This site claims to “retain the copyright” of published works, which could mean that the author no longer holds the copyright.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is published six times a year. They accept writing and illustrations from kids 8–13. Read a sample copy online.

Kids on the Net

Kids can write stories and post them for everyone to read.

Wacky Web Tales

Create a funny tale by pre-selecting nouns and verbs that get plugged into a story, MadLibs style.

Skipping Stones

This magazine supports cultural diversity and publishes stories submitted in all languages. Read back issues online.

Giggle Poetry

Fill in the blank and create a poem. Enter a poetry contest or rate poems online.

Cricket Magazine

Cricket is a magazine publishing company that specializes in magazines for kids and teens. You can submit your writings for publication or participate in one of their contests.


November is National Novel Writing Month. Challenge yourself to write your own novel.