Meet your representatives and learn why they serve on Seymour Library’s Board of Trustees

Russ Harkins, Sennett, secretary 

Russ Hawkins, Secretary, Sennett Representative

“A few years ago I was working with the library in a volunteer capacity. After having a discussion with Lisa (library director) about what was on the horizon for Seymour Library, including the upcoming children’s room renovation, I was so impressed I decided that I had to be part of it and became determined to do what was necessary to get on the board. I have never regretted my decision, there is so much happening, from the physical aspects to all the new programs being instituted. It makes me proud to say I’m a member of the board at Seymour Library and look forward to my tenure with great anticipation!”

Meg Vanek, Owasco

Meg Vanek, Owasco Representative

“I credit my mother for my love of libraries, taking me to the bookmobile every week starting at age 5 and later signing me up for my first volunteer experience at our local library when I was about 10.  In college, the library became a place for refuge, research, and study. Now, in retirement, it is a way to stay connected to my community.  It seems I have come full circle by serving as a Seymour Library Trustee, supporting the work of the dedicated Library staff providing resources and experiences that connect our community in a meaningful way.”