Challenge Suggestions

A book told from multiple character point-of-views

A book with a two-word title

A book with a name in the title

A book that is the next in a series you’ve started

A book with an ugly cover

A re-read of a favorite book

A book with a tree or leaves on the cover

A book featuring a nonhuman character

A book about a hobby

A book by an author you’ve never read before

A book written or set in the 1920s

A book with a person on the cover

A book on your to-read list

A book about a difficult subject

A book with the number 5 or five in the title

A book mentioned in another book

A book published in 2020

A picture book


A book set in Japan (home of the 2020 summer games)

A book with 20 or twenty in the title

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