Family Collections

Family Collections


Seymour Library provides a diverse collection of printed books for youth, birth through teen.  The library also has a parenting resources section, as well as collections for homeschooling families. 


Seymour Library has a special collection of DVDs for children and families.


Seymour Library offers a collection of Playaways for children and teens.  Playaways are an updated version of a book on cd, an entire book is available to listen to on a small device.  

Playaway Book Packs

Seymour Library offers a collection of Playaway Book Packs for children.  These kits contain a Playaway device and the corresponding book.  Great for struggling readers!

Playaway Wonderbooks

Seymour Library has added a collection of Playaway Wonderbooks.  These books are an all in one audio book and a great resource for children who are learning to read. 

Healing Library

Seymour Library offers three kits focusing on “tough” topics that families can use together at home. Materials for the kits were developed by librarian Megan Emery of Chattanooga Public Library in consultation with Bonnie Thomas, a cognitive behavioral therapist with a focus on art and play based therapy, David Moorhead, a children’s librarian at Lewiston Public Library, and Kirsten Cappy of Curious City, a children’s literature advocate.

Learning Backpacks

Seymour Library offers this special collection of learning resources for children and families.  Each backpack contains books and materials based on a certain topic. 

Board Games and Card Games

Seymour Library provides a vast collection of board games and card games for children and families.  

Nintendo Switch and Video Games

Seymour Library circulates a Nintendo Switch gaming console, which includes games.  We also have a collection of video games for systems such as the Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii-U, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Xbox. 


Seymour Library has a special collection of Ukuleles just for kids.  Each kit comes with a ukulele and a song book for beginners.

A collection of resources meant to help families expand upon their own homeschooling/ education curriculum.
Seymour Library offers a variety of programs and resources from books to games to digital content for children and their families.