Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

Introducing Otherworlds! Discover all things in the realm of Sci-Fi and Fantasy at Seymour Library! This new sci-fi fantasy club will cover not just books but movies, games, and comics!

Otherworlds - Sci-Fi Fantasy Club at Seymour Library

Join Us at the Library!

Otherworlds will meet on a monthly basis with a different theme for each month! The first gathering of the Otherworlds Sci-Fi Fantasy Club will begin with the classic tale of “Slaying the Dragon.”

What’s your favorite book, movie, game, or comic that centers on the ideas of defeating a great evil, sacrificing for others, and heroism? Come to the club, bring YOUR favorites, listen to others talk about their favorites, and maybe you’ll come away with new titles to check out along with some new friends.

Our first meeting is on March 29th at 5 pm!