Seymour Public Library District 2021 Budget Referendum and Trustee Election Results

Seymour Public Library District held a referendum on its proposed operating budget for 2022 on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Voters were asked to vote yes or no on the following question: Do you approve of the 2022 budget of the Seymour Public Library District in the amount of $1,037,736 of which $864,000 will be raised by a property tax levied against real property within the district

The results of the voting were: yes.

One trustee was elected to the library board. Susanne Bench will represent the portion of the Town of Fleming that is in the library district, for a four year term starting January, 2022.

The board of trustees is composed of two members each from Auburn, Owasco, Sennett, and Fleming, and one member who represents the Seymour Library Foundation. To learn more about the library’s board of trustees visit: