Board Committees of Seymour Public Library District

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Note:  Lisa Carr,  Library Director, shall be ex-officio on all committees and shall chair the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of five members: the President, the Finance Officer, and three other Trustees appointed by the Board.  The Executive Committee shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the Board when circumstances require urgent action which cannot wait for the next scheduled meeting of the Board or for a special meeting to be called. The Executive Committee shall advise and report on matters involving human resources, and shall conduct an annual review of the Library Director. The Executive Committee can also exercise other powers and duties as may be authorized by the Board. Any time the Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board it shall be obligated to notify all Trustees of such action. All Trustees shall receive notice of meetings of the Executive Committee. 

  • Lisa Carr  (Chair)
  • Larry Liberatore (President) 
  • Ellen DelloStritto (Vice President) 
  • Joe Runkle (Finance Officer and Foundation Board liaison) 
  • Russ Harkins (Secretary) 
  • Ginny Kent (Trustee) 

Meetings: as needed 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, comprised solely of Library Trustees, will review with the auditor scope and planning of the audit prior to commencement; review and discuss completed audit, including any material risks and weaknesses in internal controls, restrictions on the scope of the auditor’s activities or access to requested information, significant disagreements between auditor and management and the adequacy of the accounting and financial reporting processes. The Audit Committee will annually consider the performance and independence of the auditor and will keep the Board apprised of the committee’s activities.  The Audit Committee will oversee and maintain documents regarding the implementation of the Conflict of Interest Policy. 

  • Joe Runkle  (Chair) 
  • Ellen DelloStritto  
  • Jim Hanley 

Meetings: a minimum of 2x annually: In February or March go over the Audit process with our Auditors, and again post-audit with Auditors for review. See library calendar for specific dates.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall advise and report on the financial condition of the Library and make recommendations as to all related matters, including the review of the Budget. It shall be comprised of two Trustees and the Vice President for Finance, who shall also be its chair.  

  • Ellen DelloStritto (Chair)
  • Joe Runkle (Finance Officer) 
  • Mike Trapani (Foundation Board) 
  • Jim Hanley 
  • Molly LaLonde (Community) 
  • Patti Festa (Treasurer) 

Meetings: Third Monday of the month at 4:30 pm. See library calendar for specific dates.

Board Governance Committee

The Board Governance Committee drafts, reviews and revises these By-Laws, as well as the policies that guide the operation and use of the Library, including those required by the State of New York in accordance with the Commissioner’s Regulation 90.2. Adoption and revision of policies and/or these By-Laws are subject to action by the Board of Trustees.  The Governance Committee also ensures effective board processes and roles, which include Trustee orientation, ongoing education and evaluation.  The committee maintains analyses of board strengths and weaknesses, plans appropriate educational activities for Trustees, oversees the election of officers, works with the director to coordinate and communicate the trustee election process/calendar, and advises on matters relating to the filing of Trustee vacancies.  The Governance Committee shall be comprised of three Trustees, one of whom shall be designated chair. 

  • Ginny Kent (Chair) 
  • Lynda DeOrio
  • Russ Harkins
  • Dawn Taylor  
  • Meg Vanek 

Meetings: Second Thursday every other month at 4 pm. See library calendar for specific dates.

Building Committee

The Building Committee shall monitor all Library capital construction, renovation, and repair projects and shall provide regular reports and recommendations to the Board on such projects until completed. The Committee also is charged with reviewing and making recommendations to the Board regarding a facilities master plan and facility management issues at each branch library. The Committee shall be composed of three Trustees as its voting members, one of whom shall be designated chair, and will include the Executive Director as a non-voting member and the Facilities Manager as a non-voting member.  

The Building Committee acts as an advisor to the Board of Trustees by recommending strategies to maintain the building and grounds, and conducting holistic planning to anticipate/prepare for capital improvements that support Library functions and programs. The committee operates in the context of preserving and protecting the building’s historic character and architectural integrity.  The Building Committee keeps the Seymour Library Foundation informed in anticipation of the need for future investment in facilities. 

  • Larry Liberatore (Chair) 
  • Joe Runkle (Trustee) 
  • Chris Hutchinson (Foundation) 
  • Kathleen Carnes (Community) 

Meetings: Third Thursday every other month at 5:00 pm. See library calendar for specific dates.