Support the Library

Seymour Library is a great place because of its supporters. There are many ways to get involved and support the library.

Seymour Library Foundation

Members of the Seymour Library Foundation board are:

Nancy Karpinski, President, Foundation Representative to District Board
Chris Hutchinson, Vice President
Guy Cosentino, Secretary
John Latanyshyn, Assistant Treasurer
David Kalabanka
Mike Trapani
Lisa Carr, Library Director, ex-officio

Friends of Seymour Library

Friends of Seymour Library

The purpose of the Friends of Seymour Public Library District is to maintain an association of persons interested in books, libraries, and the promotion of lifelong literacy, focus public attention on Seymour Public Library District services, facilities, and needs, and enhance the community’s appreciation for the library, stimulate gifts that may be used for collection development and other library needs and to actively promote and support the financial and economic well-being of the Seymour Public Library District by the presentation of views before legislative and administrative hearings and before the public at large regarding any matter affecting the revenues of the library.

Donate today!

Donations from individuals, businesses and foundations help Seymour Library provide service to the community. Contributions help the library add to its collection, purchase equipment and improve the building and grounds. Donations may be made in honor of individuals to mark a special occasion or to honor their contributions. Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to those who treasured Seymour Library during their lifetime.

Seymour Library is a tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization, and gifts are tax deductible.
To donate to Seymour Library, call library director Lisa Carr at (315) 252-2571.
For a printable donation form, please click here. Or donate online via PayPal!

Thank you for your generosity.