Library of Tools & Things

Seymour Library offers access to a variety of tools to encourage learning and discovery in our community. Our tools collection includes a cake pan collection, voltmeters, a telescope, a slide and negative to digital image converter and more.

Home Tools

Our Home Tools collection includes our new Cookie Cutter collection, Cake pan collection, voltmeters, seed pot makers, the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, Slide and negative to digital image converter, and an umbrella.

Technology Tools

Our Technology Tools collection includes mobile hot spots, Chromebooks, flash drives, the Sapphire portable image magnifier, Projector, Nooks and Kindles.

Science Tools

Our Science Tools collection includes our Telescope and Google Cardboard.

Discover! Kits

Our Discover! Kits will help you explore new crafts and hobbies including fly tying, candle making, cake decorating, sketching, ghost hunting and more.


Our game collection offers a variety of fun card, role playing and tabletop games. We also have a collection of games available in the Children’s Room.