Episode four: Graphic Novels

Episode Four: Graphic Novels

In this episode we talk about graphic novels and Will Eisner Week.

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Books mentioned

Noragami: Stray God by Adachitoka
*Mary’s read

Without a shrine or worshipers, low-level god Yato tries to raise money for a temple by setting up a for-profit service for those in need, but in order to get going, he has to accept small jobs, like finding kittens, or helping a student deal with bullies.




Batman: A death in the family by Jim Starlin
*Caitlyn’s read

With Robin dead at the hands of the Joker, Batman must try to move on from his loss and return to being a lone crime fighter.





Hot Gimmick by Miki Aihara
*Caitlyn and Mary’s read

When high school girl Hatsumi has to go buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is “late,” who does she run into but her creepy bully neighbor Ryoki! And now he’s blackmailing her to become his slave! How will mild-mannered Hatsumi get out of this mess? Will Hatsumi’s childhood crush (and male model) Azusa be able to save her from Ryoki’s clutches?



A Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann
*Jackie’s read

A society of tiny people, led by princess Aurora, struggle to survive in the woods, facing such dangers as the local animal life, the threat of starvation and, before long, each other. An unsettling, dark, anti-fairy tale about surviving the human experience.



Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
*Jackie’s read

The great-granddaughter of Iran’s last emperor and the daughter of ardent Marxists describes growing up in Tehran in a country plagued by political upheaval and vast contradictions between public and private life.




Uzumaki by Junji Ito
*Caitlyn and Mary’s read

Kurôzu-cho, a small fogbound town on the coast of Japan, is cursed. According to Shuichi Saito, the withdrawn boyfriend of teenager Kirie Goshima, their town is haunted not by a person or being but by a pattern: uzumaki, the spiral, the hypnotic secret shape of the world. It manifests itself in everything from seashells and whirlpools in water to the spiral marks on people’s bodies, the insane obsessions of Shuichi’s father and the voice from the cochlea in our inner ear. As the madness spreads, the inhabitants of Kurôzu-cho are pulled ever deeper into a whirlpool from which there is no return!

Will Eisner Week

Discover more about our upcoming celebration of the life and work of Will Eisner (1917-2005) a trailblazer in the comic book world, showing the public that comics could be a genuine form of literature and popularizing the term graphic novel.