Public Participation Policy

Public Participation Policy

The Board of Trustees for the Seymour Public Library District welcomes the public to its regularly scheduled meetings. The Board conducts its meetings in strict compliance with New York State’s open meetings law.  Places, dates and times of Board meetings can be obtained by contacting the Library Director.  In addition, places, dates and times of Board meetings are available on the library website, are announced in the local newspaper and are posted in the Library at least 48 hours before the meeting begins.

While the Board values the ideas and insights of the community, the agenda for meetings do not allow time for prolonged public contributions. A period of up to fifteen minutes for comments from patrons and visitors will be allowed at the beginning of Board meetings. The Board President will divide the fifteen minute forum segment by the number of persons who have requested to speak, in order to determine the amount of time each person may use. The Board President  will then call on those individuals one at a time to address the Board for no longer than the allocated time.

Individuals wishing to address the Board at regularly scheduled meetings must submit a signed written request to either the Library Director or the Board President at least 48 hours before the Board Meeting begins. The request should include the individual’s full name, address, telephone number and the specific item to be presented and/or discussed.

Individuals should not expect the Board of Trustees to respond to questions or requests for information or for action at the current meeting. Board Members must have an opportunity to give due consideration and deliberation about the request. The Board of Trustees will respond in writing to the individual in a timely manner.

The Board of Trustees appreciates the public’s interest in the Library and their help in allowing it to conduct open and orderly meetings.

This policy does not pertain to employee grievances or citizens’ request for reconsideration of library materials.

Approved April 25, 2012