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Seymour Library’s Read More! 2022 Reading Challenge

This or That!

Seymour Library’s Read More! 2022 Reading Challenge (or Read More! 2022) invites you to read 12 books throughout 2022, but this year we have added a new twist. You can pick to read “This or That”. Each of the 12 suggested categories will have a second bonus category, so you can pick if you want to read “This or That”.

For example, choose to read a picture book or a book featuring family. 

For more of a challenge, complete all 24 categories.

Are you up to the challenge? Get ready. Get set. Get reading! Download your Reading Challenge Log or visit the library to pick up a copy.

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A picture book

January This or That - A Picture Book OR A Book Featuring a Family

A book featuring family


First book you touch with your eyes closed

February This or That - First Book You Touch on a Shelf with Your Eyes Closed OR a Book Recommended to You.

A book recommended to you


A Book about or by a woman in STEM

This or That - March - A book about or by a woman in STEM OR a book that takes place in the past.

A book that takes place in the past


A translated book

A book set in a different country


A book with a flower on the cover

A book with a color in the title


A book with an LGBTQ+ Protagonist

An audiobook


A book set at sea (ocean, lake, pond, etc.)

A book about nature or the environment


A book where the main character travels

A book with a map in it.


An epistolary novel (told in letters, diaries, etc.)

A book made into a TV show or movie


A book with a cartoon on the cover

A graphic novel


A book by an author that has your first/last name

A book by a debut author


A Book Published this year

An award-winning book