Seymour Library’s Building Improvement Plan

Seymour Library strives to be the community’s hub for learning and discovery. Not only does this mean offering new resources, technology, and programs to our library users, but also keeping our space up-to-date.

The library opened at 176-178 Genesee Street, in the Case Memorial Building in 1903. Since then it has had two major additions, in 1972 and 1993, when the west lobby (what is now the main lobby) was added with a new accessible entrance.

Over the last five years, the library has renovated our History Discovery Space (2016), and in 2019 construction was completed on the library’s new IDEA Lab.

Now the library is starting a new phase of renovations.

Phase Two: West Lobby

We are excited to announce the next phase of library construction will be starting in April! Over the coming months, Seymour Library plans to update the West Lobby!

Are you curious about what the West Lobby is? It is our main lobby/entrance that you are all familiar with, where you are able to check out books and pick up your holds. 

Phase Two: West Lobby

These renovations will improve the functionality of the West Lobby (a 1993 addition) for library users and staff with a new layout, furniture, energy-efficient lighting, and updates to modernize the library’s current elevator. 

Part of the renovation will include new bay windows that will add cozy reading nooks and study spaces for library customers.

Phase Two and Three West Lobby and North Lobby

When does Phase Two officially start? Phase Two will start on Monday, April 18th! 

Construction in the West Lobby will continue through early fall, during which time library customers will be able to enter the library through the historic front entrance! 

Please note that accommodations will be made for those with mobility issues. Please call the library before your visit to arrange for assistance in advance and that curbside pickup will be available.

Stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates on construction!

8/4 Our new bay windows are getting installed!
West Lobby Construction - working installiing flooring
10/7 Construction Updates. Flooring installation is in the process!
Flooring installation in the West Lobby
10/7 Construction Updates. Flooring installation is in the process!

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