Dungeons and Dragons Club

Join us for an epic adventure!

HARK! Ancient evils creep in from the edges of the world, and mighty heroes are called for to help push back the forces of malice, greed, and confusion.  Where should stalwart adventurers report?  The library, of course!

Explore dark caves, find chests of gold and silver, avoid cunning traps, and fight off terrible monsters, all from the comfort of the library!  Seymour Library D&D Club uses the 5E rules set with some tweaks, is inclusive of everyone, and we’re a pretty fun bunch of people to be nerds with — come join us!

  • Age 13 and up
  • No experience is required
  • Inclusive community
  • Bring your sense of imagination, fair play, and creativity

Safe travels and fair winds, friends!

Heroes Wanted