Seymour Library is pleased to provide wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) for users with wireless-enabled devices. Here are a few frequently asked questions about our wireless service:

When and where is Wi-Fi available?

Wi-Fi is available during from 6 am to 12 am (midnight).

What do I need to use the library’s Wi-Fi?

A laptop or other wireless-enabled device is needed to access Wi-Fi. You may use your own or borrow one of ours.

How do I log on to the library’s Wi-Fi?

Most wireless-enabled devices will automatically detect the wireless network.

The library’s wireless network is called seymourwifi. Please click on the name to connect.

There is no password at this time, but you will need to agree to our terms of service.

Can I use electrical outlets?

Be prepared to use battery power. The library has a limited number of electrical outlets. Do not plug in where services, exits or aisles will be blocked. Do not unplug other equipment.

Is the information on my wireless device safe while I am connected?

Wireless connections are not secure; use caution when transmitting information. The library is not responsible for damage to software, hardware or files on equipment connected to the wireless network.

Please keep your electronic devices, and all of your personal belongings, with you at all times.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Library staff can help you connect to Wi-Fi and answer basic technology questions relating to our services, online resources, and databases. Staff cannot perform repairs on your device. For specific questions about your hardware or software, please contact the manufacturer.