Memoirs & Nonfiction

Memoirs & Nonfiction

Author’s Corner

Mara Casler -- headshot

Mara Casler is a lifelong writer, and recently published author of Turning Thirty: Short stories from my first thirty years on planet Earth, for anyone who gives a sh*t.

She was voted Best of the Region Local Author of 2023. Her writing is full of levity, self-deprecating humor, and witty remarks. Mara writes monthly fitness and nutrition articles for The Citizen newspaper and does some freelance writing as well. Mara is a nutritionist, triathlete, dog mom of two and an outdoor enthusiast.

Russ Ebbets -- headshot

Russ Ebbets has edited Track Coach, the technical journal of USA Track and Field since 1999. He is author of two novels, a trail guide to the Adirondack High Peaks and two technical books on running. His 2019 A Runner’s Guide was a finalist for the Track and Field Writers of America Book of the Year. A follow-up to A Runner’s Guide is currently being edited.

Crystal Wolfe -- headshot

Crystal Wolfe is the author of 5 novels: a poetry book, a fantasy sci-fi series, and a nonfiction with personal stories, causes and solutions to homelessness. Her books include Our Invisible Neighbors: Accounts, Causes, & Solutions to the Epidemic of Homelessness, The Resurrected Dream: A Collection of Poetry and Prose from an Advanced Soul, and the Creation series.

She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, The Solution to Hunger, Inc., working to end hunger by utilizing food going to waste from businesses for the homeless and hungry. Learn more at: