Learn American Sign Language with Mango

  • 03/04/2024
  • 15:23
  • maureen

Mango Lanuage Is An Adventure

Learn how to start the conversation in American Sign Language with basic greetings, introductory phrases, and important cultural insights!

American Sign Language (ASL) Now Available!

Mango Languages

Mango Languages has partnered with ASL Inside, one of the leading ASL learning platforms, and as a patron of Seymour Libary/Finger Lakes Library System, you now have FREE access to all the features this course has to offer!

  • Launch lessons right from the Mango app and get started by modeling native ASL signers.
  • Self-paced courses are designed to meet your learning speed.
  • The Magic Mirror feature enables instant visual comparison for accurate sign modeling.
  • Multiple sign models will help you experience a variety of ASL accents.
  • Practical lessons will quickly enable you to engage in basic ASL conversations.
  • Content includes Cultural and Grammar Notes, Vocabulary, and Automatically-Graded Review.

Mango is accessible in the library and at home via our web and mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. All you need is your Seymour Library Card to start today!

Learn how Mango works with this quick video tutorial: