Roof Project

Seymour Library Roof Project -- image of workers repair roof

Seymour Library Foundation Roof Project

Construction workers on the roof of Seymour Library in April

Replacement of the Historic Main Roof and Skylight, which is currently in progress, is to be funded by the Seymour Library Foundation.

In accordance with the New York State Preservation Office, a roof design developed by Beardsley Design & Engineers addressed the physical deficiencies of the Case Memorial Building. These deficiencies involved the prolific leaking of the building’s tin roof and wired glass skylight, which was allowing water to enter the attic and drip through to the center of the building.

The roof project went to bid in mid-2022, with C&S receiving the winning bid. Funding for the project was secured by the Seymour Library Foundation, which is the steward of the Case Memorial Building. The Foundation was able to secure a million-dollar loan to fund the necessary repairs.

It was critical to address the issues with the roof, as delaying would risk additional damage to the building. The scope of the project includes replacing the metal roofing, skylight, and gutter/drain system: adding insulation, repairing water damage, and providing brick and stone masonry work.

This featured video gives a birds-eye view of the condition of the roof of the historic Case Memorial Building before repairs started in 2023:

(Drone footage courtesy of Michael Jones.)

Latest Roof Update — New Skylight Installation

The new skylight installation is taking place at Seymour Library! Seymour Library has entered the final phase of the repair and renovation of the roof of the historic Case Memorial Building. This phase includes the removal of the building’s 120-year-old skylight and installing its replacement, a replica of the original, using modern materials and supplies.

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